Bauvais-Amoureux House

327 St Marys Rd
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670
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Built around 1792 by Jean-Baptiste St. Gemme Bauvais, the Bauvais-Amoureux Historic House overlooks Ste. Genevieve’s communal agricultural fields, le Grand Champ. Its upright cedar log walls are set directly into the earth in the rare poteaux-en-terre method of


construction. Heavy, hand-hewn timbers form the Norman truss system which supports the steeply-pitched roof that is reminiscent of early French Canadian architecture. Purchased by Benjamin Amoureux in 1852, the house is now part of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Felix Vallé State Historic Site. The small admission charge includes a tour of a display explaining how vertical log buildings were constructed and a large, impressive diorama depicting the village of Ste. Genevieve as it was in 1832. Open seasonally.